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Rental Policies

  • Invoices due and payable before items will be released.

  • Items must be returned within one week of pick up date.

  • Late charges will accrue at 10% per day thereafter.

  • Renter assumes full responsibility for lost or damaged goods (including items with existing repairs) and will be billed at retail value. Fees will be assessed by Bric a Brac management per full replacement value and are non-negotiable.

  • Lost and damaged goods (including items with existing repairs) could also be billed for devaluation and for loss of rental time. Fees will be assessed by Bric a Brac management and are non-negotiable.

  • Replacement/repair fees must be paid within one week of assessment or late fees will accrue.

  • Soiled merchandise will be cleaned and billed.

Bric a Brac Rentals


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